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Manali is the impeccable eye catching destination, where you will indubitably fall in love with its scenic snowy surrounding.It is considered one of the prime holiday destinations in India. Situated towards the northern end of the Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh, it is at the height of 2050 m. Willing to distance yourself from the busy schedule? Manali is the place to relish.
If you are on the road to Ladakh, you can plan a stay for a day or two in Manali and experience the adventure along with some scenic views. 

How to Reach Manali

By Air
The nearest airport is Bhuntar (Kullu) about 50 km from Manali. Flights ply from Delhi to Kullu on a regular basis. Taxis and buses are available here for Manali.
By Rail
The closest broad gauge railheads are Chandigarh (310 km) and Ambala (355 km) from Manali. You can board a train from New Delhi Railway Station and reach Ambala. From Ambala, it’s approximately a 10-hour bus ride to Manali.
However, the closest narrow gauge railhead is at Joginder Nagar, 165 km away from Manali.
By Road
Manali is well connected to various cities by motorable roads%3A
Delhi%3A 556 km – 13 hours
Ambala%3A 331 km – 9 hours
Kullu%3A 43 km – 1.5 hours
Chandigarh%3A 306 km – 8 hours

Best Time to Visit Manali

One can visit Manali anytime during the year.
Summers (March – June) is the best time to visit Manali if you want to enjoy paragliding, rafting and other mountain sports. Temperature ranges from 10°C to 25°C and the snow is only found at higher altitudes.
Monsoons (July to mid-September) is not considered the best time to travel by road, as you might face blocked roads en route.
Winters (November – February) marks the onset of snowfall and if you want to enjoy winter sports like skiing, these months are perfect to plan a holiday. 


Manali offers a range of hotels to stay in, ranging from budget to luxury. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Hence one can enjoy a comfortable stay at various resorts or splurge and relax at various heritage villas too. 
For my deep easing and stimulating my soul the incredible place to visit,would be Manali. Sitting in the balcony enjoying my cup of tea in this beautiful and adventurous place, gives me a kick to visit this place at hastiest. 

Skiing In Manali

Manali is situated along River Beas, thus one gets to admire this river along with the slopes of Manali, both prove to be great sites for adventurous activities like skiing, trekking, paragliding, river rafting, biking tours, etc.
The ranges of Manali offer skiing and other winter sports to its visitors during months of December- February.

Glide In The Air At Solang Valley

The best time to visit the place for paragliding experience is from October to May. Early summers and winters are the best time. Monsoon is the worst time to visit the place for any adventure activity. Heavy rainfall is very common in Manali with strong winds. This leads to temporary ban of all adventure activities including paragliding. Monsoon starts by late June and ends by October. Summers will give you a good panoramic view of the green valley. Summers start in March and ends in June. If you choose late summers, the humidity will be very high. Winters are best throughout the season for paragliding. It starts in October and ends in February.

Solang Valley

Solang Valley (locally known as SolangNullah) is located 16 km away from Manali, Himachal Pradesh. At an altitude of 8,500 feet above sea level, Solang offers picturesque views of snow-capped peaks and a lush green valley.SolangNullah derives its name from Solang (nearby village) and Nullah (water stream from a mountain). A tranquil atmosphere created by the vastness of the ultramarine sky, the green valleys and the distant snow-capped peaks, this is nature at its greatest !

A Halt AtParvati Valley.

These short touch-and-go trips are not something that we usually recommend. Parvati valley deserves a long trip all for itself. But say, you are returning from a long exhausting trip to Ladakh or Spiti or are just pumped up enough to explore a bit beyond Manali, we say, why not! Go for it.
Start early in the morning from Manali. Make your way through Kullu, Bhuntar and cross over to the Parvati valley.
The landscape here is easily capable of making a 3-hour drive into an 8-hour photo-ops filled journey. The road climbs up steadily as you go further into the Parvati valley. Stone houses with flat slate roofs start making an appearance.
There are a few tourist hubs here, like Kasol and Malana which also lead to many multi-day Himalayan treks like the Chanderkhani.

Skiing In Solang

Also known as SolangNala, it is a high altitude valley that lies at the top of Kullu in the Himachal Pradesh state of India. The region is 14 km northwest to the very popular hillstationof Manali. Solang features high mountain slopes that turn milky white when it snows here. Owing to the geography of the valley and its heavy snowfall prone trait, Solang valley has turned into a major ski destination in India. Tourists while traveling to Manali often travel to Solang for its adventure fueled geography. Solang is little before Rohtang Pass; another major tourist attraction in the region.
It helps the skiers to go at higher slopes and glide down with cold wind gushing into their faces and the level of adrenaline pumping up.Skiing being a winter sportitself states the best time to visit Solang valley. The cold season starts here from October and continues till March. Shadowing the entire hill station with mist and snow, it draws a lot of tourists from all over the world.


Hadimba is a serene looking temple, safely tucked away in a forest of the lovely hill station. After the construction of this temple, the hand of the chief carver was cut off, so that he could never create anything that beautiful again. Finally, a temple where one sees no idol but the very footmark of their beloved Goddess.
Yes, the Hadimba Devi temple located in Dhrongi, a small village in Manali district, indeed holds a long list of specialties to its name. It was built for Goddess Hadimba Devi, the wife of Bhima.

Tips for Skiing In Manali

Tie your life jacket and helmets properly. It’s helpful in case of an emergency.
Avoid skiing in late evenings. Follow specific rules laid by government agencies and concerned associations.
1. Undergoing certain medical tests is suggested. Altitude sickness should be checked for before you embark upon this trip
2. Good footwear is a must if you plan to go skiing. Find operators that are registered and provide decent equipment and safety harnesses for your ski trip
3. Carry medicines for cold and flu
4. Make sure you carry plenty of warm clothes. Jackets that insulate are suggested
5. Take your instructor's tips very seriously and carry pain relievers for casualties
Avoid touching river water by lying down or leaning your body towards the river.
Focus on the quality of equipment and team of professionals who will guide you through your skiing.
If you have kids (age 6>)  in your group, try to adjust them in between rather then at corners of the raft.
Drawing swarms of wandering wayfarers from all around the country (and the world), Manali, which is now a prominent tourist town came up as a business route to Ladakh and further beyond. So be it family, friends, that special someone, or all alone, Manali has something for everyone.

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