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Yahoo Tours – Jilo Apniwali YAAHOOM Zindagi !!!

All you Travellers, who want to LIVE life and not just breathe, Welcome to Yahoo Tours…. The first ever tour company which will give new meaning to the way you travel, to the way you see life and above all, to the way you will spend the rest of your life. 

Before coming to Why Yahoo Tours? Let us first know why Travelling is important? So as the famous saying goes –
‘The Impulse to Travel Is One of the Most HOPEFUL symptoms of life’.

So Guys, feel the Impulse! Act on It and start living your life instead of just spending your life.

At Yahoo Tours we have two different paths to offer.

1) If you are only interested in tour package and have no flare to try your entrepreneurial instinct then you can go for Plan 1. Here you will get some interesting tour packages where you will explore some of the most exotic locations, with best hospitality, finger licking delicious food and life time memories. And above all, some Fabulous Discounts with your Local Travel Agents. 

2) If you want something more from life with your hidden "Can Make It Work’ attitude then you can go for plan 2. Here a gateway of opportunity opens for you.
How does it work?
Have you ever wondered how a small, insignificant looking seed converts itself into a huge tree? The answer is very simple and soulful. The seed has its tremendous potential hidden inside which branches out, spreads and a huge tree comes into existence which provides shelter and food to so many lives.  So in short if you want to grow bigger, develop branches. The same principle applies to our plan 2. 

As soon as you book a tour with Yahoo Tours, a gateway of opportunities opens in front of you in the name of 'Affiliated Business Plan'. It is completely up to you to either grab this opportunity and become a part of this Business Plan which allows you to become an Entrepreneur or just book a tour package and enjoy your tour with us. 

What do we do?

Currently the existing tour and travel agencies keep 20-35% profit margin on any package booked through them. This profit money is used for the company's promotion and marketing by hiring big celebrities as their brand ambassadors, making expensive ads with Bollywood stars and so on. We at Yahoo Tours believes in traditional way of marketing which is the most easy and inexpensive way of marketing and promotion. Its nothing but WORD OF MOUTH Marketing (WOMM). We at Yahoo Tours believe that if our customers (as per Indian values, customer is God)  are happy they will definitely spread the word and will get more and more people to opt for Yahoo tours as their first tour and travel choice. So we don't vouch for  brand ambassadors and expensive ads. Instead the 20-30% company profit  is distributed among the people who spread the word and gets more and more travellers like them. This way your tree starts growing with more and more branches adding on. 

Many of you may compare it with companies like Amway, Tupperware etc.which works on the principles of Multi Level Marketing. Yes ! That's right. MLM has a tremendous potential not just in India but all over the world, specially in developing country where every single common man is struggling for a better life and lifestyle. The best part with Yahoo Tours MLM plan is that here you are not selling or marketing products which are much higher in cost than the existing market products. The biggest problem with these MLM companies was selling products, which many people found very difficult. But at Yahoo Tours, you are not selling any product. Here you just have to find those people who love travelling and desire to have a better life immediately. So more the people, more the branches and bigger the tree, bigger will be the shade with more number of fruits. 

So Hurry Up ! Pack your bags and follow these 3 steps -

1) Choose Yahoo Tours as your tour and travel agency and plant your seed of entrepreneurship.

2) Spread the word of mouth and grow branches.

3) Help them grow their own branches by joining new travellers under them.

For more detailed please go through our business plan -

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