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Paulo Coelho, writer of the famous book ‘The Alchemist’ says that –

If you think Adventure is Dangerous, try Routine; it is Lethal.

We at Yahoo Tours believe it completely. To be in Routine is like ‘Not Being Alive’. To feel The Life, one should constantly welcome Change and Travel is one of the pleasant changes one could welcome warmly.

To break the Routine and Welcome the future we are leaving No Stone Unturned. Hence we are proud to say that Yahoo Tours is the first Tour agency which is marketing its packages through Traditional Marketing as well as Network Marketing.
At Yahoo Tours you can either
  • Book a package through your local travel agents and avail great ‘On Spot’ discounts immediately  OR
  • Book a package directly on our portal and get a chance to become an Entrepreneur by setting up your own business where you get a Lifetime Income .
With Yahoo Tours you will definitely realize that –
Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer
If you choose to be an Entrepreneur Please go through the following - 

Have you ever wondered how a small, insignificant looking seed converts itself into a huge tree? Simple… The seed has its tremendous potential hidden inside which branches out, spreads and a huge tree comes into existence which provides shelter and food to so many lives.  So in short if you want to grow bigger... develop branches.
Business plan - As soon as you book a tour with Yahoo Tours, a gateway of opportunities opens in front of you in the name of 'Affiliated Business Plan'. It is completely up to you to either grab this opportunity and become a part of this Business Plan which allows you to become an Entrepreneur or just book a tour package and enjoy your tour with us. 

If you say yes to this opportunity then while you will be enjoying the tour, your dream to be an entrepreneur would have already started taking shape. 
What do we do?

Currently the existing tour and travel agencies keep 20-30% profit margin on any package booked through them. This profit money is used for the company's promotion and marketing by hiring big celebrities as their brand ambassadors, making expensive ads with Bollywood stars and so on. We at Yahoo Tours believes in traditional way of marketing which is the most easy and inexpensive way of marketing and promotion. Its nothing but WORD OF MOUTH Marketing (WOMM). We at Yahoo Tours believe that if our customers (as per Indian values, customer is God) are happy they will definitely spread the word and will get more and more people to opt for Yahoo tours as their first tour and travel choice. So we don't vouch for brand ambassadors and expensive ads. Instead the 20-30% company profit is distributed among the people who spread the word and gets more and more travelers like them. This way your tree starts growing with more and more branches adding on. 

So Hurry Up ! Pack your bags and follow these 3 steps -

1) Choose Yahoo Tours as your tour and travel agency and plant your seed of entrepreneurship.

2) Spread the word of mouth and grow branches.

3) Help them grow their own branches by joining new travelers under them.

Following is a hypothetical example assuming, one person sends 5 different people on a tour via Yahoo Tours and then each of these 5 people send other 5 tourists (total 25 people) on a tour via Yahoo Tours and so on....

1st Income through Commission  
(Approx. 65% of Company Profit)
Level Members Commission From Each Package Income Profit Distribution
6 15625   Rs.1000 Rs.15625000 2nd Week Of Every Month
5 3125   Rs.500 Rs.1562500 2nd Week Of Every Month 
4 625   Rs.500 Rs.312500 2nd Week Of Every Month
3 125   Rs.500 Rs.62500 2nd Week Of Every Month
2    25    Rs.500 Rs.12500 2nd Week Of Every Month
1    5    (Unlimited)   Rs.1500 Rs.7500 2nd Week Of Every Month
Total  19530 Rs.4,500 Rs.1,75,82,500  

The above table is based on assumption that at every level, each person is sending 5 other tourists on tour via Yahoo Tours.
As per this calculation, by the time you reach level 6 and you have 19,530 people in your team,  you earn Rs. 1,75,82,500/-.  This amount can increase or decrease, depending upon the number of people in your team till level 6. 
The best part is when you are building your team,
simultaneouly you can  also come under Royalty Club.

But before you enter the Royalty club there is one more Golden opportunity waiting for you just round the corner and its name is Performance Bonus. As the name suggest it completely depends on your performance. If you manage to achieve the set targets you get the award. Please note that this opportunity is only for those who,  like Mahabharat's Arjun  can focus only at the eye of the bird and not at the hurdles or distractors.


Performance Bonus (Approx. 5% of Company Profit Will be Reserved)

             Target                     Time Frame     Performance Bonus (One Time)             
500+ Members
 2500+ Members
Within First 6 Months from Date of Joining
Within First 12 Months from Date of Joining

Foreign Tour
4 Wheeler

Once your targets are achieved, entry to the Royalty club becomes easy for you. This does not mean that those who do not achieve the target and does not get entitled for Performance bonus, do not enter Royalty club. Like Tortoise, slow and steady even they will win the race and enter royalty club. Income through Royalty Club is your second income which stays for lifetime.

2nd Income through Royalty Club (Approx. 10% of Company Profit Will be Reserved)

             Royalty Club              Members            Lifetime Pension                      Increment                 
Diamond Level
Platinum Level
Gold Level
Silver Level
Rs.51000 Every Month
Rs.35000 Every Month
Rs.21000 Every Month
Rs.10000 Every Month
Pension will Increase
3%-5% Every Year


There are Four levels in Our Royalty Club, One is Silver, Second is Gold, Third is Platinum and Fourth is Dimond. 
If your tree size crosses 5000 members, then you will reach Silver level and you will start getting pension of Rs. 10000/- every month.
If your tree size crosses 10000 members, then you will reach Gold level and your pension will increase to 21000/- and when your tree size crosses 15000 members, then you will reach Platinum level and your monthly pension will be Rs.35000/- And finally when your tree size crosses 19530 members, then you will reach Diamond level and your pension will Rs.51000/-  every month, which you will get through-out of your lifetime.
This monthly pension like any other pension will increase every year at the rate of 3% to 5%. depending upon the profit of the company.
(For More Information pls go through our Terms and Conditions)

Please note:

1) It is not necessary to get (min/max) 5 people under you. Anyone at any time can get any number of people under them. The income of 1,75,82,500/- is just an example to make you understand that by the time you reach level 6 and total number of people in your Network reaches 19,530 you earn this amount successively (see Table). 

2) You keep getting the commission  from all the members present in your Network till level 6. The tree keeps growing after level 6 as well, but those member's commission do not get added to your income. So you should try to  develope such team where you have maximum number of people under you or your downliners and their downliners and so on,  till level 6.

3) As the commission stops after level 6 and even the pension's eligibily is calculated till level 6, you really have to work hard till this level to get maximum number of people and develope a strong team. 


So it is very much clear that if you are an entrepreneur and want your Startup to be successful, you have to work for it.
This is the only Startup which does not require any funding and investors. It progresses on the basis of your smart work and your belief in us.

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