Q -What does the Indian tour price include?
Ans. -The Indian tour price generally is inclusive of your accommodation, meals (Veg. Breakfast and Dinner only while Lunch is open where you can have food of your choice Veg/Non Veg), Transfers (Volvo Bus), Sightseeing, Tour Leader services etc but does not include your to and fro journey tickets. For more information on inclusion/exclusions of tour price kindly refer to our tour Inclusion/Exclusion section on the respective tour itinerary page on our website.

Q – Will the charges for Kids will be same as Adults?
Ans. – No, Charges for kids will not be same as adults but will vary with the age group. The different rates for different age group are as follows -
  • Age Between 0-2 years - 25% of the package amount has to be paid per child and no seat will be available in Volvo during transfers.
  • Age Between 2-7 years - 50% of the package amount has to be paid and separate seat will be available in Volvo during transfers.
  • Age Between 7-12 years 75% of the package amount has to be paid and separate seat will be available in Volvo during transfers.
Note - For all the above age groups no separate room will be available.

Q -Are there any discounts on multiple ticket bookings?
Ans. -Yes. There are discounts between 10%-22%.  It will be seen when you purchase a package and fill the No. of Guests box.

Q -Are the GST charges included in the tour package?
Ans.-Yes. It is included GST (5% of total tour package charges).

Q -Is my travel insured?
Ans. -Yes. It is accidental insured and not illness insured.

Q -What is generally the size of a tour group?
Ans. -Generally the average group size for tour is between 25 to 40. However, if a particular tour gets an overwhelming response then the group size may go beyond the aforesaid group size
Q -Who would be my co-travelers ?
Ans. -Your co-travelers can be any individual, right from a professional to a teacher, businessman, people of any religion, from any region, any language etc.

Q -Does the Tour Manager assist us on the entire tour?
Ans. -Yes, the Tour Manager will assist you throughout the tour; however, they are not responsible for baggage or any kind of personal belongings.

Q -In which language/s will the Tour Leader communicate with us?
Ans. -The Tour Manager will preferably communicate or give instructions on tour in Hindi and English.

Q -What type of meals is included on tour?
Ans. -We provide Breakfast and Dinner and serve vegetarian food only. We do not provide lunch so that you can have food of your own choice, i.e. Veg or Non Veg.
Q - Can some special arrangements be done for special occasions like Birthday/Wedding anniversary/Honeymoon night preparation etc.?
Ans. -Yes, these arrangements can be done with the help of our tour manager and hotel staff. But all the expenses has to be beard by person who wants it to be done.

Q – Can I invite my friends and relatives to meet when I am on the tour?
Ans – Yes. You can meet them but you have to follow the Hotel’s and Tour’s guidelines. If they have not purchased the package they shall not be allowed in hotel rooms, restaurants, coaches and sightseeing places for any activity on the tour. If at all they accompany you, then their expenses have to be taken care by you.  

Q -Will it be possible to extend my stay or avail just a part of the tour ?
Ans. -No, This is not possible.

Q -Is the tour itinerary susceptible to last minute changes, as we need to plan our leaves & make necessary arrangements accordingly?
Ans. -We do not change the itinerary nor date of the tour, however in case of force majeure events, circumstances force us to change the routing or date of the tour, as the case may be, just for your safety.

Q -Can I incorporate any changes in my travel plan once the booking is done?
Ans. -Yes, you can modify your booking or travel plan till one month prior to your tour date. There may be certain charges for modifications or for canceling the old booking and making new arrangements. The travel consultants at our offices will assist you for the same.

Q -Do you provide Leave Travel Certificate?
Ans. -We do provide the leave travel certificate, subject to your intimation to us about your requirement at the time of booking the tour itself.

ON Tour 

Q -What are the modes of travel on tour?
Ans. – O, we are providing AC Volvo buses but The mode of transport shall be chosen according to guests booked on a particular departure.  (Please note AC will not be operational on hill areas)  

Q -Are there any night journeys on tour?
Ans. -Not Always But yes some time there are night journey

Q -Do we have to walk a lot on tours ?
Ans. -Generally, we have to walk at sightseeing places, amusement parks and at the airports sometimes for a long distance, however the same will be timely instructed by the Tour Leader.

Q -Do we have to wake up early on tours ?
Ans. -Unless otherwise specified by the Tour Leader, we normally follow 7-8-9 schedule i.e. wake up at 7 am, breakfast at 8 am and departure at 9 am. However, the schedule may change as per the situation.
Q -Will I get drinking water during sight-seeing?
Ans. -One litre Bisleri (or similar) water bottle will be provided on daily basis.

Q -Will there be any extra charges for window seats or front seats in Volvo bus?
Ans. - No. There will be no extra charges. Usually it will be on first come first serve basis. But Front 3-4 seats will be preferably assigned to senior citizens/ pregnant women or anyone having problems like motion sickness etc.

Q - Is My entrance Fee to the Monuments or Payment for Adventure Activities covered in tour cost
Ans. -No, entrance fee to the monuments is not covered even payment for adventure activities, boat ride, rafting, paragliding, Zorbing etc is to be made directly
Q - Can I go for additional sightseeing?
Ans. - Transportation provided by us is point to point and as per itinerary, you can definitely hire a car on additional cost and do the sightseeing

Q -If I reach late and miss a part of the tour ?
Ans. -When you are on a group tour, Punctuality is very importance. So please be on time and always follow the Tour Leader's instructions. In case, of any delay, guest will have to make their own transport arrangements to join the group, we are not responsible/liable and no refund shall be given to you in this regard.

Q -What if I get sick/ hospitalized and cannot continue the tour?
Ans. - As you know this is a group tour, we cannot cancel the tour for one person. So the tour will continue as it is. It will be up to you, how to move forward. Yahoo Tour manager will do his best to help you but all the extra expenses has to be done by you.

Q -What assistance is provided to a disabled person or a senior citizen, who needs special assistance on tour?
Ans. -Individual assistance cannot be given to such guest by the Tour Leader and a qualified companion must accompany the guest who needs such special assistance.

Q -Can I take a wheelchair on tour? Will it be difficult while visiting places?
Ans. -Yes, you can bring your own wheel chair and move at most of the sightseeing places but a qualified companion must accompany guest who are traveling on wheelchair.

Q -What assistance is provided, if I dis-continue the scheduled tour, on account of illness?
Ans. -If you fall sick on tour, kindly inform the Tour Leader immediately. The Tour Leader will assist you in making all arrangements for the medical aid, doctor on call etc. However, the expenses will have to be borne by you. Here, Insurance plays a major role hence we highly recommend that you should get yourself and your family insured adequately before travel.

Payments and Bookings

Q -How many days prior to the tour should I do the booking?
Ans. -We recommend you to book your tour at least 3-4 months prior to the scheduled date as it can help you get your train or flight tickets easily.

Q -How can I book a tour?
Ans. -You can book your tour as follows - Register yourself, Choose a package, Add funds to your wallet as per the chosen  package.

Q -What are the documents I required to carry on the tour?
Ans. -Pan Card and Aadhar Card, For kids birth Certificate  and 4-5 photographs of each members

Q -Do I need to pay the entire tour price lump-sum while booking?
Ans. -Not Necessary. You can either pay the entire package amount in one go or you can only book the registration fees of Rs. 7499/- (which is Non Refundable) and book your tour with us. The balance amount of the package has to be paid 30 days prior to your tour date.

Q -Are there any cancellation charges?
Ans. -Yes. Our Cancellation Charges Prior to 31 days or more is Booking fees (Rs 7499/-), Between 30 -16 days of departure is 50% of tour cost, Between 15-8 days to date of departure is 75% of tour cost, If You cancel 7-1 days to date of departure then 100% of tour cost.

Q -Prior to tour departure is there any information provided?
Ans. -You will receive a mail 15 days prior to your tour, with information about the Destination, Things to carry, Weather, Shopping etc. Apart from this, there will also be a Whatsapp group of all the group members who are part of this package tour. Your tour manager who will be the admin of this Whatsapp group will form this group 7 days prior to the tour. All the queries would be discussed and answered in this group.

Q -In case of emergency whom can I contact?
Ans. -Tour manager.

Yahoo Business Plan

Q- What is Yahoo’s Affiliated Business Plan?

Ans- Yahoo’s affiliated business plan is your chance to begin your own Startup without any investment and risk. It’s a business plan which can be managed by any adult above 18 years. He/she can be a salaried person, home maker or anybody. Those who love to travel will find this business plan very interesting. Click here for more details.

Q- Will I be a part of Yahoo’s affiliated business plan automatically after purchasing a tour package?
Ans- No, you will not become a part of this business plan automatically. When you purchase any tour package you are only entitle for to go that tour. To become a part of the business plan you have to choose an option or click on the option of joining the affiliated programme.

Q- How will I earn money with Yahoo’s business plan?
Ans- Currently the existing tour and travel agencies keep 20-35% profit margin on any package booked through them. This profit money is used for the company's promotion and marketing by hiring big celebrities as their brand ambassadors, making expensive ads with Bollywood stars and so on. We at Yahoo Tours believes in traditional way of marketing which is the most easy and inexpensive way of marketing and promotion. It’s nothing but WORD OF MOUTH Marketing (WOMM). Spread the word and get more and more people to opt for Yahoo tours as their first tour and travel choice. So we don't vouch for brand ambassadors and expensive ads. Instead the 20-30% company profit is distributed among the people who spread the word and gets more and more travellers like them. This way your tree starts growing with more and more branches adding on. For the earning amount kindly refer the business plan tab on our website or Click Here-

Q- If I introduce 5 people after me, will my work be completed?
Ans- As mentioned earlier. This is your own startup. The more you work, the more you benefit. If you introduce 5 people you will earn Rs. 7500/- (5 x 1500/-). So the amount you spent initially to book the package/join the business plan has come back to you. But the business does not stop here. You can continue introducing new people to either choose Yahoo tours as their travel partner or to join the Yahoo tours affiliated business plan. The best part is that even if you stop after introducing 5 people and if those 5 people are aggressive toward their startup and they introduce other people to join Yahoo tours your revenue will grow indirectly. So in short, the more you work the more you earn. There is no limit and you/anyone can introduce ‘n’ number of people to travel. More the people, more the branches much more will be the revenue.

Q- What happens, if I will not be able to work on the Yahoo’s business plan and not be able to introduce 5 travellers?
Ans- Yahoo business plan is purely based on your interest and efforts. It is your own Startup without any investment or risk. So even if you are not able to work on it, you are not losing anything. You can simply enjoy your tour with Yahoo Tours.

Q- What If I reach 6th level and others under me don’t perform, still will I get World Tour every year?
Ans- No. For reaching the level where you can avail world tour every year, the number of members in your tree must be 15625+1 travellers. You can attain this number at any level.

Q- What If I don’t travel and just pay 7499/- for affiliated business plan?
Ans- To become a part of Yahoo Tour’s affiliated business plan you have to purchase any tour package. If you don’t want to travel now, you can purchase/book a package of next year with payment of Rs. 7499/- and choose to become part of affiliated programme to do the business. Then in future whenever you plan to travel, you can pay the balance amount of the package prior to one month of the tour date.

Q- Can I make different member IDs for my family members?
Ans- Yes, you can create multiple travellers’ ID for your family members while booking any tour. But it does not benefit you in any way, unless and until they want to have their own business and tree. Ideally you can purchase a tour package and become a part of this business plan. You can purchase the package for your family by doing group booking and availing discounts. But if any member of your family wants to have his own Startup he can purchase the package on his own and then he will not be eligible for discount on tur package.

Q- What if i don’t travel for any reason, will my business plan be affected?
Ans- No. Buying tour package and travelling is the service, all travel agencies are providing, and so we do. The additional we have is our affiliated Business Plan, where we are sharing our profit made on travel business with our members, when you are recommending other traveller to buy a package and travel with us. And if you don’t travel by any reason, your business plan will not get affected. If your branches are working Your tree will continue to grow.

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