Terms and Conditions

We make every effort to provide you with the best services in a pleasant, friendly and homely atmosphere at all times. We strive for your complete satisfaction to provide a safe and secure journey to the best of our ability without any misunderstandings between your good-selves, Yahoo Tours and the tour escorts. We believe in forgiveness, gratitude, positive attitude and innovation and at times even go beyond legal formats to ensure that all the issues of guest/s are resolved in timely and friendly manner.

The Terms and Conditions - given hereunder and on our website, You are requested to read, understand and sign in acceptance all the Terms and Conditions and the Brochure, before you register yourself / family / friends for our tour as a 'Guest' to use our services.
1. Agreement between the Clients & YahooTours:

Making any tour booking on our website while accessing, using, browsing yahootours.in  users have to accept that they are agreed to the terms and conditions of our portal. In case of any violation, Yahoo Tours and its subsidiaries (including yahootours.in) reserve all the rights for taking any legal actions against them.

2. Prices on the Website:

The price, which we offer on yahootours.in includes accommodation charges, 5% GST and Insurance charges. It never comprises any personal expense or other additional charges like telephone calls, personal-attendant services, entrance fees of any monuments and bar charges, etc.

3. Mode of Payments & the Policies:

Any tour package can be booked by either making a full payment of the chosen package or making a  part payment of at least Rs. 7499/-.This amount (Rs. 7499/-) confirms your booking with Yahootours.in and it is nonrefundable. The balance amount of the package can be paid one month prior to your tour date or before. The payment can be made through Bank Drafts / Cheque / Cash. You can also avail net banking facility of banks that are listed in our Banking Details

4. Use of the Website:

You will use this site as per its Terms of Use. You will use the website only to make lawful bookings for you or other person for whom you are officially approved to do these kinds of bookings. You will also inform other persons about the Terms and Condition of the website.

You will provide accurate information about every official document (Pan card, Aadhar Card) and other important details like name and DOB (Date of Birth) to the site in case of planning trip with it. In case of any error or mistake in the process of information, you will be solely responsible for the same. All information provided by you to this site should be accurate, updated and complete. If you have an account on this site, you are advised to secure it with your login details, including login ID and password. You will be entirely responsible for any use or misuse of your account.

Yahoo Tours reserves the right to deny access to its Website to anyone, at any time without any notice and for any reason, including, but not restricted to, for the violation of its Terms of Use.

5. Communication Policy of the Site: 

On transacting with this site, you will receive an e-mail from Yahoo Tours for the status of your transaction. The e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you so be careful in providing right e-mail Id.

The customer acknowledges that the SMS sent by Yahoo Tours is an added facility for the convenience of the customers. It is not compulsory as per the law to provide SMS service alerts to the customers. If you don’t receive any SMS for any reason, Yahoo Tours is not liable for the same.

6.  Refund Policy:

Yahoo Tours will process the refund only after getting cancellation request/claim from the   customer/travel agent/corporate company through calls or email.

Part payment of Rs. 7499/- made while booking the package is non- refundable.

Our Cancellation Charges Prior to 31 days or more is Booking fees (Rs 7499/-) plus, if the cancellation is Between 30 -16 days of departure it is 50% of tour cost, Between 15-8 days to date of departure is 75% of tour cost, If You cancel 7-1 days to date of departure then 100% of tour cost.

Refund against the cancellation of booking will be credited directly in customer's Account.

7.  Other Important Point:

1)  All given rates are per person on Twin/Double sharing basis unless specified, especially in the quotation. 5% GST is included on the mentioned tour cost. Cost of Insurance is included on the mentioned tour cost. Each departure date has different discounts available. Please check all dates and choose suitable date with maximum discount. Meals as mentioned in the itinerary. Extra charges for stay pre/post tour.

Additional / Extra costs which Yahoo Tours is not liable to pay and has to be paid by the tourists –

a)   Any extra expenses incurred for changing the route due to any unforeseen circumstances, forced majeure instances, natural calamities, political disturbances, strikes etc. has to be paid by the tourist

b)   Extra cost incurred due to illness, accident, hospitalization or any Individual unforeseen cost incurring incidence has to be bare by tourists.

c)    In case of Pilgrimage tours cost of horse back, Doli, Helicopter, chopper etc.

d)   Any private transfers taken to move from one place to another instead of coach.

e)   Any add-on sightseeing/activities along with transfers if done other than mentioned in the tour program.

f)    For coats/Jackets to visit snow point or any special attire required to visit any particular sightseeing place.

g)    Medicines required if any.

h)   Porterage(Coolie charges), laundry, wines & alcoholic beverages, mineral water (unless specified), telephone charges, shopping, all items of personal nature and also food and drinks not forming the part of the group menu.

i)    Guide Tips, Driver tips & Restaurant Tips.

 Charges for kids will not be same as adults but will vary with the age group. The different rates for different age group are as follows -

a)  Age Between 0-2 years - 25% of the package amount has to be paid per child and no seat will be available in Volvo during transfers.
b)  Age Between 2-7 years - 50% of the package amount has to be paid and separate seat will be available in Volvo during transfers.
c)  Age Between 7-12 years 75% of the package amount has to be paid and separate seat will be available in Volvo during transfers.
d)  For all the above age groups no separate room will be available.

3) In case of unavailability of rooms in given hotels due to any unexpected scenario, alternate accommodation arrangement will be made in a similar standard available hotel.

4) Check-in and Check-out timings of hotels are different and based on the regulations/policies of local hotel unions of the concerned region/city or general trend of the market. These will be specified at the time of quotation/communication.

5) In case of a triple sharing room, rolling mattress will be provided for the third person. Occupancy regulations for family rooms and other club rooms will be in accordance with the hotel’s policy.

6) We shall not be responsible for any loss of baggage/loss of belongings/broken baggage during tour.

7) Vehicle provided during tour will follow the tour plan specified in the itinerary. Driver in any way will not be deviated from the specified/common route.

8) Vehicle provided during the tour will not be on disposable basis. Any travel, after the activity decided in tour will not be permitted. Late evening/late night drive, apart from the designed plan will be prohibited.

9) There are some monuments/areas, restricted for vehicle entrance by the local authorities. In any such case, the vehicle will drop you till the nearest possible point and further arrangements will have to be managed by the client.

10) Vehicle will not be allocated on the leisure day (day free for relaxation).

11) Air conditioning in vehicles will not be operational on hilly areas (due to mechanical reasons). Driver reserves the rights to switch off/operate AC as per the terrain, climatic and vehicle’s condition.

12) Any entrance fees, monument fees or any other activity charges, including but not limited to charges in relation to parking, transportation, tolls, taxes, camping, admission, meals etc. will not be included in the package until and unless specified specially in the inclusions section.

13) The mentioned package may not be available at the displayed price during long weekends, national holidays and regional festivals. There is a probability of difference in cost, which will be specified at the time of communication.

14) Any charges related with on-ground modification/addition of service, which the client opts for by his/her own choice and not affecting rest of the tour itinerary, will have to be paid directly to the driver/supplier acting on behalf of Yahoo tours.

15) Yahoo tours reserves the right to modify or cancel the tour package, in part or in whole, at  may be, for any reason including but not limited to the act of God, act of man whether or not unforeseen and/or unexpected etc. In all such cases, refund will be processed according to the cancellation policy as applicable at that specific point of time.

16) Yahoo Tours shall not be held responsible for any refund/charges, in case of services booked of non-refundable nature. Yahoo  Tours liability in relation to the Package shall at all times be limited to those circumstances where an express liability has been cast on it under these terms.

17) In case of any on ground issues with a third party, Yahoo Tours  shall try to support in all possible ways but shall not be held liable for the act and hence will not be liable for any sort of compensation.

18) In case of any natural calamity or any other force majeure incident, Yahoo Tours reserves the rights to modify/change or cancel the partial or complete tour package. Yahoo Tours shall not be held responsible for any refund/compensation in any such circumstances.

19) Package price is a consolidation of different components inseparable in nature in terms of costing. Any unused service/services due to any unspecified reason will not be refunded back.

20) All grievances first has to be raised with the customer relationship team within 15 days of the occurrence of such an event. In case if no solution to such a grievance is provided by the customer relationship team within 30 days, the Client shall have the right to escalate the dispute in accordance with these terms and Yahoo Tours applicable policies.

21)  Special payment and cancellation policy will be applicable during peak season/blackout dates. These dates are usually – City Events, Regional/National Holidays, and Political Conferences, Major Cultural festivals or any other event which can affect regular tourist movement.

22) This package and all of your rights and obligations in relation to the same are non-transferable and cannot be assigned without the prior permission of Yahoo Tours.

23) This package shall be governed by laws of India, and all disputes in relation to this package shall be resolved via arbitration in Mumbai in accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. The courts of Mumbai shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any matter arising out of the package.

Yahoo Tours’ Afiiliated Business Plan

1) Yahoo’s affiliated business plan is your chance to begin your own Startup without any investment and risk. It’s a business plan which can be managed by any adult above 18 years. He/she can be a salaried person, home maker or anybody. Those who love to travel will find this business plan very interesting. Click here- http://yahootours.in/page/business-plans for more details.

2)  You  cannot become a part of this business plan automatically. When you purchase any tour package you are only entitled for a tour. To become a part of the business plan you have to choose an option or click on the option of joining the affiliated programme.

3)  Currently the existing tour and travel agencies keep 20-30% profit margin on any package booked through them. This profit money is used for the company's promotion and marketing by hiring big celebrities as their brand ambassadors, making expensive ads with Bollywood stars and so on. We at Yahoo Tours believes in traditional way of marketing which is the most easy and inexpensive way of marketing and promotion. It’s nothing but WORD OF MOUTH Marketing (WOMM). Spread the word and get more and more people to opt for Yahoo tours as their first tour and travel choice. So we don't vouch for brand ambassadors and expensive ads. Instead the 20-30% company profit is distributed among the people who spread the word and gets more and more travellers like them. This way your tree starts growing with more and more branches adding on. For the earning amount kindly refer the business plan tab on our website or Click here- http://yahootours.in/page/business-plans

4)  As mentioned earlier. This is your own startup. The more you work, the more you benefit. If you introduce 5 people you will earn Rs. 7500/- (5 x 1500/-). So the amount you spent initially to book the package/join the business plan has come back to you. But the business does not stop here. You can continue introducing new people to either choose Yahoo tours as their travel partner or to join the Yahoo tours affiliated business plan. The best part is that even if you stop after introducing 5 people and if those 5 people are aggressive toward their startup and they introduce other people to join Yahoo tours your revenue will grow indirectly. So in short, the more you work the more you earn. There is no limit and you/anyone can introduce ‘n’ number of people to travel. More the people, more the branches much more will be the revenue.

5) Yahoo business plan is purely based on your interest and efforts. It is your own Startup without any investment or risk. So even if you are not able to work on it, you are not losing anything. You can simply enjoy your tour with Yahoo Tours.

6) Apart from Level Commission there is one more income for members and that is Our Royalty Club, There are Four levels in Our Royalty Club, One is Silver, Second is Gold, Third is Platinum and Fourth is Dimond. 

If your tree size crosses 5000 members, then you will reach Silver level and you will start getting pension of Rs. 10000/- every month.
If your tree size crosses 10000 members, then you will reach Gold level and your pension will increase to 21000/- and 
c) When your tree size crosses 15000 members, then you will reach Platinum level and your monthly pension will be Rs.35000/- And 
d) Finally when 
your tree size crosses 19530 members, then you will reach Diamond level and your pension will Rs.51000/-  every month, 
which you will get through-out of your lifetime.
This monthly pension like any other pension will increase every year at the rate of 3% to 5%. depending upon the profit of the company
f) In case of death of  a memmber the whole pension plan gets transferred to the spouse.
g) In case of death of both the parents with a minor child left behind, the pension will get deposited in the child's account till he attains the age of 18 years. 

7) To become a part of Yahoo Tour’s affiliated business plan you have to purchase any tour package. If you don’t want to travel now, you can purchase/book a package of next year with payment of Rs. 7499/- and choose to become part of affiliated programme to do the business. Then in future whenever you plan to travel, you can pay the balance amount of the package prior to one month of the tour date.

8) You can create multiple travellers’ ID for your family members while booking any tour. But it does not benefit you in any way, unless and until they want to have their own business and tree. Ideally you can purchase a tour package and become a part of this business plan. You can purchase the package for your family by doing group booking and availing discounts. But if any member of your family wants to have his own Startup he can purchase the package on his own and then he will not be eligible for discount on tur package.

9) Your business plan does not get affected if you do not travel. Buying tour package and travelling is the service, all travel agencies are providing, and so we do. The additional we have is our affiliated Business Plan, where we are sharing our profit made on travel business with our members, when you are recommending other traveller to buy a package and travel with us. And if you don’t travel by any reason, your business plan will not get affected. If your branches are working Your tree will continue to grow.

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